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Aga Repair
Aga Gas Cooker Annual Service | What's included in an AGA annual service

It is vital to have your Aga heat-storage cooker serviced regularly to ensure that it performs like a dream, morning, noon and night. By having your Aga cooker serviced by our Aga Independent Quality Engineers you can guarantee that all the parts used are authentic and that the engineer working on your cooker is fully trained and qualified. After all, no one knows better than we do how to get the most out of an Aga cooker.Call us now on 02081507575 to get your Aga serviced or repaired

Aga Gas Service: every 12 months

  • Inspect main burner
  • Check and replace thermo couple
  • Soundness test
  • Check for adequate ventilation
  • Check burner pressure
  • Check ignition
  • Spillage test
  • Leak test
  • Check flue terminal
  • Parts:Thermo couple


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